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In the past, various methods of estimating the age of the shroud were considered: The color of the linen is one potential indicator.Linen develops a gradually deepening sepia color over time.Unfortunately, bleaching methods have changed over the centuries, and so no accurate age measurements could be made.Carbon-14 radiometric measurements have had an excellent track record and are the analytical technique of choice. As linen ages, the vanillin content declines and eventually becomes undetectable."This incident just underlines the fact that the Shroud of Turin will never go away, and believers will try anything, including arguments masquerading as science, to prove its authenticity." Jay Ingram, host of Daily Planet of the Canadian Discovery Channel."Science has proved the Shroud of Turin a medieval fake, but defenders of authenticity turn the scientific method on its head by starting with the desired conclusion and working backward to the evidence—picking and choosing and reinterpreting as necessary.

He published a report in the journal Thermochimica Acta a chemistry peer reviewed journal, on 2005-JAN-20.But he could not detect it in material taken from the rest of the shroud.He concludes that the sample submitted to Carbon-14 testing: "...But that is the belief of many, of not most, of the members of the STURP team -- a group of American scientists who started to study the shroud in 1978.It would have been an act of extreme carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

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