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) that are pr AACtical and effective for keeping kids engaged and learning. Potato Head is one of my favorite therapy tools for working with all kids, but especially beginning communicators.

This awesome spud is not only a versatile toy-ripe for building, pretending, and interacting-but also a great tool for modeling vocabulary. [Read More...] Filed under: Pr AACtical Thinking Tagged With: AACtual therapy, commenting, communication book, download, Potato Head, resources, Tanna Neufeld, therapy activities We are so happy to have Deanna Wagner back with more AACtual Therapy.

Once the routine is established, you can add some more teaching and language facilitation strategies.

We have written about commenting before but when we saw this cool photo on Facebook, we just had to mention commenting again. 10 Commenting Communication Temptations More Ways to Teach Commenting Make it Meaningful to the Learner – Just talking about things may...

The are really beautiful which are opportunities to comment again and again (“wow”, “beautiful”, “so cool”, “look colors”, etc.).Each firework reveals images that relate to Independence Day.This app is a gift from Auryn Apps which is a generous and dedicated developer for July 4th and throughout the year....Tools and structures to support comprehension and learning are...[Read More...] Filed under: Featured Posts, Pr AACtical Thinking Tagged With: commenting, Tabi Jones-Wohleber, visual supports Commenting is for everyone, even if they are beginning communicators and even if they need to learn.

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