Accommodating as a conflict management

• To build up social credits for later issues which are important to you.

• When continued competition would only damage your cause - when you are outmatched and losing.

When the graphic designer assures them that the task at hand will be accomplished and that they are dedicated to getting it done, the web developer feels like their needs, positions, opinions, etc. That approach helps the web developer come out of storm mode and creates more leverage to convince them to compromise or even collaborate on a mutually agreeable result.

It also deprives the organization of your potential contributions.) • Is discipline lax?

(Although discipline for its own sake may be of little value, there are often rules, procedures and assignments whose implementation is crucial for you or the organization.) If you scored Low: • Do you have trouble building goodwill with others? To minimize loss when you are outmatched and losing. When harmony and stability are especially important. To allow employees to develop by learning from mistakes.

• When preserving harmony and avoiding disruption are especially important.

• To aid in the managerial development of subordinates by allowing them to experiment and learn from their own mistakes.

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