Accommodating students with cerebral palsy

More than 760,000 individuals in America currently live with cerebral palsy (CP), with approximately 1,200 to 1,500 school-aged children being diagnosed with the disability each year.Until recently, few colleges in the country offered inclusive programs tailored to the individual needs of this population, but all that has started to change as more and more schools roll out specialized offerings.Individualized Education Programs, or IEPs, are legal documents that are created by schools and signed off on by parents.

Kim Kolk Kim Kolk joined the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Housing as the Assistant Director for Summer Housing in February 2017.

While there is certainly no rule that disallows this student population from attending college, some schools are doing more to ensure students with cerebral palsy have quality programs from which to choose.

Two of the best options in the nation are highlighted below.

Kim is originally from Fort Wayne, IN, and moved to South Bend by way of Nashville, TN.

Kim received her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising from Florida Southern College, and her Master of Higher Education and Student Affairs from Florida State University.

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