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Rumple implies activity; it implies attention to more than just your clothes; it implies not caring overmuch. We don’t live in a world where you can take the summer off, and we don’t want to withdraw into a hermetically-sealed, air-conditioned box.You want to smell the wisteria and hear the screen door and feel the ceiling fan and wave away the bugs and brush pecan catkins off your shoulders, and hey, is that another tray of drinks?

“They cannot decide whether I am broke or just setting a new vogue.” • • • Seersucker’s complex modern identity is hardly a secret.Steve knows all about seersucker, which the store has been selling since it opened in 1937. For instance, I wore seersucker my whole life” — referring to the seersucker jumpsuits of his toddler days.• • • And then some of us, as I might have mentioned, come later to the party, looking less for style than for comfort.Anti wrinkle serums are very popular for getting rid of wrinkles, since you can actually feel your skin get tight right after it is applied.The only problem with serums is that they are not actually absorbed into the skin, so they only provide a tightening on the outside of the face.

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  1. Any Amazon links or You Tube videos I will tend to shoot off to Reading List to easily process in Safari, making this fall out into a sort of three-tier system: Then, I usually have a minimal amount of stories to read and I come back to them when I’m ready, either right away in Reeder or later in Instapaper, and with Shortcuts ready to go if I’m in my Reading List in Safari.