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” I LOVE to answer this question because it speaks to my personal passion!

By its physical presence, Scene75 Columbus will feature 200 arcade games, 10 world-class attractions (indoor go-karts, two-story laser tag, 4d theater, virtual reality, inflatables, 3D glow mini-golf, and more).

When Scene75 Columbus opens, it will be the largest indoor entertainment center in the COUNTRY at 220,000 square feet.

With all this space, we’ve got room for 17 awesome indoor attractions, 200 arcade games, a full-service restaurant, 3 bars and much more!

Such as, our special needs program, our learn to earn program, our educational outreach programs for middle school to college students, our Toys for Tots donation matching program, and many more.

If we learned anything from watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, it’s that Mounties are a LOT dumber than you’d think. Which probably explains the six bars per 1,000 people -- folks gotta warm up somewhere, right?

By awards, Scene75 has been named the Top Family Entertainment Center in North America, the Best Place for Family Fun in Ohio, and the Best Date Night Spot in Cincinnati (among many other awards and honors).

By events, we host what I believe are some of the most fun events in each city we serve.

Just because Miami is ranked so high doesn't mean you’ll visit on vacation and live like you’re in a T. video -- that probably takes more money than you’ve got.

However, there is good news: there are 9.6% more women than men, four bars per every thousand people, and a population that’s 37% single. Atlanta, while not particularly notable for its percentage of single people (33.8%) or Tinder use (it’s in the middle of the pack), takes the #2 spot thanks to is 6.74 (!!

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