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No, you don’t have to hang out in bars or clubs to find a date.There are plenty of other ways to meet people, so step out and try something new!But, as any single parent will tell you, the reality of dating is quite a bit different.

(That’s five minutes on the second date, ten minutes on the third date, etc.) When you get to thirty minutes, stop. That Brady Bunch fantasy you have about happy adventures with a ready-made family unit exists only in your head (and occasionally, in repeats on Nickelodeon.) Don’t set up a family meeting until you’ve been in an exclusive relationship for at least a couple of months.

In actuality, many childless singles find single moms very attractive as they can, in a lot of ways, be more mature and independent than a young, developing woman. If he is a guy that has never dated a single mom before, chances are he is going to hit a serious learning curve early on in the relationship.

While this isn’t always the case and children don’t always change women for the better, many women grow in maturity exponentially from the moment that baby enters their life. Let the relationship organically grow and see how deep it gets before you introduce the kids and bring them into your relationship. He will need time to think about what it means to him and the new responsibilities that will come his way. Eventually this will all mesh together and he will forget what it’s like to not have kids in his life, but in the beginning stages, it’s important that you meet him at his level at times. It’s important that he sees that you are a strong role model for your kids, but slowly introduce that concept to him.

(All of whom, of course, were more than delighted to date a single mom) And last, the children (who during daylight hours were the center of Mom’s universe) conveniently vaporized after sunset, so as not to spoil her big (but unplanned, because that would be too trampy) night of romance.

As a tear-jerking diversion from reality and a plausible excuse to eat frozen cookie dough right out of the tube, such movies are top-notch.

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