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“Some people jump right in while others never venture into another relationship again. Join clubs, groups, or something with your passion. Take solo trips,” says Julie Yarworth, vice president of matchmaking at It’s Just Lunch Intl.My advice is to make sure you’ve allowed yourself time to truly grieve the loss of your spouse and that you’re not avoiding your grief by getting into a new relationship. “There” is taking a new class or learning a new skill. For example, if you love golf, join a co-ed golf league. Lee also encourages people to join clubs or groups related to something they’re interested in to help meet others with similar interests.Try to show off some of your personality in your photo, and be sure that it clearly shows your face.There’s nothing worse than an out-of-focus photo taken at a distance.By learning new things, you expand yourself and your social network. That means no fear of rejection, what others will think, or your own insecurities. “If someone rejects you, simply say ‘next’ [and move forward].Let all those negative thoughts and excuses go out the window. Yarworth says fear could come from anything—fear of dating again or from the initial impression (what do I say? Rejection is part of the process.” She also says to let go of insecurities.There’s another reason to consider online dating as a baby boomer: Technology makes it incredibly easy to get started.

“Some potential new partners are uncomfortable talking about a spouse [who’s passed away], but if that’s where you are with your grieving and you need to talk about it, you’ll need to be honest with a new partner about it.”Everyone’s timeline is different.They offer different rates, policies, and designs, and you may find that one type of online dating appeals to you over another.You might even want to explore some online dating platforms specifically for seniors, like Your profile photo is what will help to grab someone’s attention, so be sure that you use a quality photo. Online dating makes meeting new people easier, especially when you’re not someone who often goes to large, social events.If you’re busy, work from home, or are retired, then online dating might be a great option for you.

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