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Result Code ------------------------------------- Girls turn white rectangles - klacidmadegraphix Randpha character 0 stats - randphroxmyjox Ranpha with 2000 HP - ranpharoxmyjox 20 of all items - igotabagofhair Sexy Randpha - ieatsand Sexy Milfeulle - locknload Sexy Forte - eatrocksand Sexy Mint - ihateporn Sexy Vanilla - burntsugar Pick characters names - namethebitch$ 25,000 - thegreenback All fighting techniques - slapmybitchup Travel to EVA 4 - enableeva4 All status 1 HP - ihavetehshit Codes for all items in storage - misccheater Love Hina Returne mode1 - hinagirlsreturn View credits - fuckthecredits Mint Clone - ihateyourmum Keitaro Clone - pointlessjackall Locations: ---------- Pink Grey Mug on table in kitchen. aaand last but non least a few worksafe preview pics from the CG pack as considerably ; D ranpharoxmyjox P.

Heroic Mime: 999 stats for all characters, 100999 health and 2009999 money. Said target ships are often thickly armored( Val-Fasc Battlecarriers), heavily armed( Rezom's Flagship), experience plenty of escorts( Rowil's Flagship), or all of the above.

The Elsior in the manga nevertheless, was nothing more than a parade ship; its alone(p) " weapon " was a fireworks launcher. In Moonlit Lovers, an argument over curry turns into an eating competition.

also as an added bonus go here to download an highly sexy FREE hentai CG picture set a friend of mine made:. The list of screens with secrets: --------------------------------- Submitted by: Tengo Angel room Forte's room Hologram room Kitchen Medical center Milfeulle's room Vanilla's room Your room [ Ancient Planet ] Information Room [ Ancient Planet ] Outside Building [ Area Enigma ] Outside School [ Area Enigma ] Town East [ Chickleen ] Forest East [ Chickleen ] Landing Site [ Cockadoodle ] Theme Park North [ Cockadoodle ] Theme Park South [ Jungle Planet ] Landing Site [ Ocean Planet ] Inside Resort [ Ocean Planet ] Island Beach [ Resort Planet ] Town Area. It ends with Chitose embarrassing them both by winning the contest, and so pointing out to the stuffed Ranpha and Forte that it's rude to leave food on your plate.

In the first game she is revealed to be a humanoid interface created by the animate Black Moon in order to fudge Eonia.

Yet in the second game we find out there is effectively a human Noah whom was sealed in the, later salvaged, core of the Black Moon.

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These games filled with pure fun, lewd stuff and interesting challenges, were making my day complete. Non certain, but I think I started to learn AS back then because I wanted to cause something like that myself( yet bought a couple of MX books), but ended up as a flash developer as a job( lol).

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