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If you read the Ravelry notes, you’ll see I botched up some ends-weaving. I’m going to get a nice rich red and chain stitch a pattern on the two front pieces…maybe add some accents to the hem areas as well.Then I’m going to find some great red and purple buttons.It made a nice end to best meal we had on the trip (and that wasn’t influenced by the way it started, I’m pretty sure). Love, Ellen Hi, Jan, I have about a billion pictures of birds from our brief trip to Sanibel Island. I’m on to the sleeves, doing both at once, and only slightly regretting the tangle it makes to have both ends on two balls of yarn going at once. This will be a simple garter square, edged in a deeper teal in some sort of lace pattern, TBD. Switch the pussy willow with my just-in-bloom amaryllis, . The Springtime Sugarplums are getting a very tiny amount of work – they are my on-the-go project and I guess I have been somewhat stationery. (It would have been difficult to convince myself otherwise, as pre-frogging it was impossible to draw the cuff over my hand.I’ll spare you most of them, but it will take another day or so before I sort through and find the best to share, along with a travel journal of that lovely escape. This is the body pre-steeking, hence the funny bunching at the neck and lack of armholes. I hope you are getting some knitting in on your travels, too. Not a good feature in a glove.) On the wildlife front – Wilson got a new waffle maker for his birthday (his wife gave it to him).We walked on the beach and saw many birds, some of which I can identify, some of which I will have to consult with Mrs. This anhinga was barely a kayak’s length away yet showed no concern.The gopher tortoise, on the other hand, hurried away. I did have the good fortune to spend Friday evening and Saturday at Peggy’s cabin (wintry scene above is the view from the dining table), knitting with Peggy, Karen, and Annie, and making my muscles sore with a lovely cross country ski outing to Lake Carlos State Park. Today was all housekeeping, getting the holidays finally put away (maybe some day we will send out holiday cards, it almost happened today) and thinking about what to pack for our 3.5 day weekend to Sanibel Island. I am hoping that will result in much more blog-worthy material. Leon's pistol is the VP70, Claire's Revolver is the Ladysmith and the pistol is a Browning HP, the Shotgun is a Remington 870, the SMG a MAC11 and the GL a M79.

In fact, this picture of Not So Naive is out-of-date as there is now about 4 inches of yoke added to that collar.

It is a little known fact that one young man went home in a huff after his girlfriend started knitting on a third sweater. The price was excellent, and they were grown in Canada. I will do my best to protect it from the squirrels, even after it is planted outside this spring.

Love, Ellen Dear Ellen, I had been mulling it over, and then when you cut your hair, I knew I had to take the plunge. I will be sending the shorn locks (which the stylist curled up on the shelf for the duration of the haircut — looked like a small animal sleeping) off to Locks of Love…excepting the few for Joan’s capote and Cricket’s fly tying.

Both lovely, but I took the recent photo from the outside! The hotel we stayed in, the West Wind Inn, was not modern, though recently remodeled.

That meant that instead of glitz we got friendly staff, a screened balcony facing the gulf, and even towel and toilet paper fanciness.

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