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Last thing once the project is building is to fix the migrations. It’s not worth trying to fix the migrations, easier to delete them and recreate them.

First, change the framework to the new naming style. Enviroment Variables in configuration is now in a separate nuget package).

Sometimes not enough time is allowed for the user to login, maybe a 2FA login is required or something which takes time to complete.

NET Core, I wanted to get a list of changes for the new version. For example, in the default Login.cshtml and Register.cshtml, the value of the asp-validation-summary is now just the value of the enum (not the entire name of the enum): You’ll probably want to do a search/replace-all on this change across your views (e.g. If you build at this point you should build your project and find anything that doesn’t build.You can also create a new one using the Azure Active Directory/App Registrations/New Registration button. Cookies could also be used here if you use only Azure AD and Live accounts with the V2.0 common endpoint.We want to create an Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. The Remote Authentication Timeout property is set so that the user has enough time to do the login.The email scope is requested and this is then mapped to the name property which can be accessed easily in the Http Context object.The Prompt property can be used to force a login, or the consent screen.

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