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Microsoft has also released an official Windows Update troubleshooter tool for Windows 10 which tries to bring the good ol' show or hide Windows updates option back in Windows 10.First download the tool from following link: Run the tool and it'll provide you an option to show or hide Windows updates.To set your Internet connection as Metered, follow these simple steps: 1.Open Settings app from Start Menu and go to "Network & Internet". Now select your Internet connection type from left-side pane and then click on Internet Connection name in right-side pane. Now set the slider to On present under "Metered Connection". Now Windows will not automatically download or install new updates in your computer as far as you keep your Internet connection as Metered.We are listing all possible methods and you can try any of the desired method according to your requirements.

The tool might come handy if you want to disable unwanted driver updates or unnecessary Windows features or programs.It also fixes several security issues if found in Windows operating system.In previous Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, Microsoft always allowed Windows users to customize Windows Update settings.Users were able to choose whether Windows should automatically download and install the updates or should it notify first about the updates available.It helped users in deciding whether he wanted to install particular update or not.

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