Backdating child support elove dating

She read them the riot act and they backdated it to when I applied, which is what the legislation says.

Otherwise it would be unjust, because it's not your fault if you have to go to court and get parentage testing etc. Unless you made backdating a part of your lodgement to the courts then it won't be backdated.

If this would cause you hardship, call us on the Child Support general enquiries line.Can anyone tell me if the Section 106A does not stipulate that the childsupport be back dated if the CSA will backdate or if I will have to lodge an application for reassessment?I REALLY DO NOT want FOB having access to my financials in order to get CS for the period before the S106A was granted. I was told the same thing and complained to my legal aid person.If you don’t tell us about a change you may get a debt or an overpayment.If you don’t pay your child support in full and on time, we may apply penalties on the outstanding amount.

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