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In the mean time, I’d suggest these posts: How to resolve conflict more effectively Active Listening As for her referencing a previous lover, I’m not sure what you can do about that. It’s not the best way she could have handled the situation, but this is one of the drawbacks of sex before marriage.Perhaps there needs to be a ground rule of not comparing your marriage to previous relationships, but only to previous sessions in your marriage.I'm clearly prone to falling for the bait-and-switch, but there are a few patterns to spot it ahead of time: 1. I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a month ago: My wife and I have had a troubled sex life for years. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that happens in a lot of Christian marriages: the bait and switch.” She was quiet then when pressed said it was more exciting with her first lover. Unfortunately, a lot of them simply shut down and don’t realize that great sex takes practice.It’s not good for a lot of people right away, but, it can get there if you keep trying.I often wonder what our marriage would have been like without them. These are the really difficult situations, like the one described above. I don’t have the words to describe how deceptive this is. I’ll admit, I had some years that I pretty much had given up on hope.Regardless of the situation, whether they deceived you or not, you made a vow to stick with your spouse, for better or worse. Some days my only hope was the mythical “sexual peak” at 35-40 for women. While you can’t change your spouse, you can change yourself.

One time after what i thought was a great time of making love I said to her “that was the best ever! and when it wasn’t, they really weren’t interested any more.Sometimes they change, and it’s not a conscious decision, or intentional. My wife did a complete 180 degree turn around when she went on birth control pills, just prior to marriage.Her sex drive shut down, she became depressed, had a short temper, and every day felt like walking on egg shells living with her.Before we were married it was incredible and she fulfilled every desire I had(yes we know it was My wife and I have had a troubled sex life for years. We seldom have sex- perhaps two or three times a month and of those she is engaged maybe once. That is, you thought you were marrying someone who shared your views, passions, feelings, goals, etc.Before we were married it was incredible and she fulfilled every desire I had(yes we know it was sin, but it happened). and then as soon as you get married, it turns out that wasn’t the case. Sometimes they simply didn’t know what they were committing to.

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