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They take up the challenge of staying on the island overnight, however, it starts raining and Bam ends up catching a cold in the morning.They also build a makeshift ramp out of wood and duct tape, have Tim Glomb go skating naked, build a fort using wood to try to keep the rain out, fart during a game of poker with Don Vito (who came back to check on them), use a fire extinguisher in Raab's face, burn a cake on accident, and eventually they escape from the island.Catching this, April calls to warn Bam (who is at a Turbonegro concert) about Don Vito's actions and he decides to move the concert to his house, in the living room.Confronting Don Vito, Hank from Hell puts make up on his face as punishment for his actions.After being told by April that he could do whatever he wanted with an old piano in their living room, Bam, his friends, and the Bloodhound Gang embark on a scavenger hunt; whichever team wins gets the piano.The hunt begins with Bam purchasing three banged-up used cars.

While they're away, Bam and his friends paint the kitchen and everything in it blue.

Once Phil makes it to the full twenty four hours, Bam and the crew feed him random concoctions of food.

Don Vito also wins a bet by drinking an entire bottle of hot sauce.

Bam tells his family and friends "Don't Feed Phil," puts up flyers and billboards saying the same around town, and has everyone take turns watching him.

When it comes to Don Vito's shift, he almost ruins Phil's fast by ordering pizza from out of town.

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