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One time the battlelog on here didn't count a SUAV kill of mine but it did count the last time I used it to get a kill.

If you look at my stats and add up all the weapons and vehicle kills it will add up to 15 below what Battlelog says my total number of kills. Why DICE and EA are you not counting some of my weapons/equipment stats that I have had kills with?

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We hope to launch on the official Launch day, we'll keep you updated as the time draws near!

I am trying to get the Huey kills and i know for sure i just made like 7 of them as a board gunner and also a few sniper kils with the M40.The Kar98k is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer.In the 1942 section of the prologue My Country Calling, the player takes control of a Free French Senegalese Tirailleur sniper, using a Kar98k with a scope.We're very excited to announce we will be returning for Battlefield 5.We are hard at work on a brand new site, fully redesigned, fully re-developed to bring you the best possible stats experience!

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The Kurz model was developed to be more versatile as it has a shorter barrel.

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