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and all the newly hired Kringles are former crooks! They're in pursuit of Moreau, who's escaped there and gotten in bed with the country's corrupt leadership.They side with a noble but fairly inept politician in order to orchestrate a regime change and expose Moreau.

Those frequent gaffes are, however, astoundingly easy to bear and forgive. The ensemble of five the only constant in the series and each lead enlivens his or her characters with agreeable whimsy.

Perhaps counterintuitively, flagrant disregard for the law proves itself an invaluable asset in this new enterprise, making these felonious Robin Hood-types uncommonly effective in protecting the meager from the powerful.

Their carefree duplicity also makes them surprisingly likeable.

Nate and his cohorts side with the crown and plot to expose the nefarious brother. The Studio Job () (Originally aired July 18, 2010) A Nashville guru plays not-so-nice with a few fledgling artists who seek the team's help. The Rashomon Job () (Originally aired August 22, 2010) In a refreshingly different kind of episode, the five team members each recall a heist attempt from their early criminal careers and realize they were all at the same place at the same time. The King George Job () (Originally aired August 29, 2010) Season-spanning villain Damien Moreau ("E.

Hardison reluctantly poses as a master violinist in need, an effort to entice the brother with the allure of good PR. The Double-Blind Job () (Originally aired July 11, 2010) While romantic tension builds between Hardison and Parker, a pharmaceutical CEO plans to unleash a potentially fatal pain reliever to the market, FDA-approved and all. The solution they cook up is so brilliant, it even turns Eliot into a bona fide country crooner. The Gone-Fishin' Job () (Originally aired July 25, 2010) What's worse than a tax thief? The Three-Card Monte Job () (Originally aired August 8, 2010) A band of mobsters is blackmailing innocent victims, forcing them to carry out crimes. R."'s Goran Visnjic) is a known smuggler of stolen antiquities, so the crew finds itself hot on the trail of a black market trade using young refugees in its shadowy crimes. The Morning After Job () (Originally aired September 5, 2010) The hunt for Damien Moreau continues as the team targets a hedge fund manager with critical info...

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Nate has a perpetually frustrated romance with Sophie the Grifter, played by Gina Bellman.

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