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The other key element in Hurvitz's methodology is that not only must the linguistic element be evidenced in the LBH books, it must exhibit a linguistic ; in other words, it must be used in similar contexts as other forms in the core EBH books, especially the Pentateuch and Former Prophets.

This crucial step ensures that we really do have variant language, not just linguistic forms that had no opportunity to appear in EBH books.

Surely, if these are really "late" linguistic items, the appearance of any one of them should indicate a late date for the passage in which it appears.

But this is not the way it works in attempts to date BH writings linguistically. Hurvitz's basic starting point, which we think is uncontroversial, is that these books are postexilic and therefore their language represents samples of postexilic Hebrew.

While ancient Hebrew underwent linguistic change, as do languages in general, the biblical texts seem not to reflect this chronology in a way that makes any kind of linguistic dating of the texts possible – in contrast to the consensus prevailing among Hebrew linguists until about a decade ago.

is clearly a characteristic of LBH, occurring 91 times in the Hebrew Bible, 78 of them in the core LBH books, and a further six times in LBH-related psalms and Qoheleth.Perhaps, though, it is not the mere availability of LBH features, but their frequency which counts.In the study of the natural development of a spoken language over time, factors such as the date of origin of a specific linguistic feature and the growth in the frequency of its use in the language are indeed important considerations.Thus, as Hurvitz emphasizes in the quote above, it requires a "considerable number" of such LBH elements in a text before that text can be considered LBH. In his article on the Prose Tale of Job, Hurvitz identifies seven linguistic features in the 749 words of the Prose Tale as LBH elements and considers this enough evidence to date the work late.Now at this point the uninitiated might be a bit puzzled by the argument.

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