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Barnes asks his readers to consider the weight of responsibility in shaping the lives of others, leading to thoughtful reflection and contemplation of how young love shapes us as adults. Alarcón's critically acclaimed 2013 novel paints a vivid, meandering picture of a wandering soul through Nelson, a young actor who heads to the countryside to act with a political theatre troupe making an anniversary tour of its once-controversial play.Throughout the novel, the anonymous narrator depicts the group's staging of The Idiot President throughout remote locales in the Peruvian countryside, all the while revealing a fractured love story between Nelson and his once-girlfriend and current lover, Ixta.We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.The book intersperses the history of the nation, yielding a book which is as informative as it is engrossing.Why you should read it together: With someone who carries around a copy of Foreign Affairs in his bag? Nothing to Envy captures 15 years in the lives of her interviewees, creating a novelesque portrayal of lives lived in spite of instability — showing how lovers find one another, families are raised, and how life perseveres despite the challenges of famine, persecution, and fear which define North Korean culture.Ixta struggles to determine Nelson's ideal role in her life, wondering if a fractured and flawed presence is better than none at all.

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Just on the border between novel and novella, Barnes's book is packed with succinct prose without being limited.

Ending is also intellectually deep without getting depressing, so your quiet, brooding boyfriend can appreciate this one with you.

Reading together seems like an obvious fit for warm weather, whether it be at the beach, at a café, or from atop a stool in the back garden of a bar.

Or, maybe when the weather starts to cool off, you can grab a blanket and curl up together.

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Click Here To Buy A book on North Korea might seem crazy to put on a list of go-to reads for a couple, but Demick's gripping account of daily life for six ordinary citizens is more about people trying to live amidst the chaos of a fringe dictatorship than about how little Kim Jong-Un appreciates Seth Rogen.

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