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if someone have braces for their teeth to fix them how much does that affect ur attraction to them?is it only the person who wears them who feel like its ugly to smile with braces because ur mouth is full of metal and others dont care?

A great smile and great healthy teeth are what people are after.I think one thing being missed is how far braces have come.Generally it's not those massive metal things everyone pictures in their mind from the 80s and 90s.(I'm not a hermit, I just broke up w/my boyfriend, of yes, 12 years - go figure.) So, I created a profile on e Harmony and OF COURSE, the big question was where in my profile I break the news about my braceface.I ended up deciding that one picture (w/caption) of me with braces thrown into the rest was plenty explanation. He may have been lying, but I appreciated it:) We had a great time and I think we'll probably go out again.

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