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I first moved to America in May 2008 to work at BIG CAT RESCUE, I lived on site in a trailer and had a leopard for a neighbor!

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary in Tampa for rescued big cats, it was founded in 1992 in a pretty rural area, but since then outlets had sprung up around it and a mall was opened half a mile away in 1999.

– “SPAY & PLAY” 🙂 Cali was one of those cats who lived on the property with a staff member and when she left, Cali came to live at my place and kept me company.

My fondest memories of Cali were my lazy Sundays, I used to work 6 days a week at BCR, so on Sundays after cleaning, doing laundry and all that other boring stuff, I’d crash on the couch to watch a movie and drink some tea and Cali was always there to chill with me.

The main coat of the cat is light, and the facial area mask and extremities are dark. Other colors include chocolate, blue and lilac seal points.

Sometimes cinnamon, fawn and cream have been recognized.

The cat’s muscular body features: described a pale cat with a dark facial mask and dark feet, ears and tail.

The Siam, later called the Siamese, was revered by royals and rumored to be sacred.

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