Challenges in validating safety critical embedded systems

At Argo AI, we have a strong emphasis on creating a highly effective team environment.

Thus, we seek candidates that can work effectively with others across a broad range of disciplines.

[A] Config File-based PSW Verification Framework: Description: This test approach is mainly used for verification of library where the requirements are API-based and user interfaces are clearly defined.

The test config file defines the API, input parameter and expected result.

This has also increased the complexity of platform software such as Vx Works 653 [5], Lynx OS-178 [6], Deos etc.

We are building a high-performance team that is excited by complex engineering challenges and is passionate about making transportation safer, more affordable and accessible for all.

The verification of platform software and its component per DO-178B/C is costly and time-consuming as it involves following challenges: A good solution of framework reduces time and cost of verification with significant increases in the quality of verification.

e Infochips PSW e IHTest Con solution provides a capability to verify all level of platform software components with ease.

They write and test software for microcontrollers and system-on-chip (So C) devices in the vehicle.

And they conduct system integration validation testing with their peers.

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The Embedded Software Engineering team at Argo AI is responsible for developing and validating a broad array of safety critical code for our sensor and computer systems.

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