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ing for Cub# and Europe The net aces from "Dowt^ Under ’ C’apt. Af U 5#3 in th* «ame per «d of 19*1 N*t lo** of |}«' 044 for th* f'r«t quar ter « rei-'-ted br th* American M»ta! Lancaster County, Nebraska, offer for aal* at public auction, the following de*crib«d Land# and Tenement#, to-wit: Th# West 82 fa#t of Lot 8, Block 23 Knob Hill Addition to Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, Given under mv band tbia 13th day of April A.

The four member* of Alistralla'a Davis cup team were in San Francisco Thursday at the start of a Pacific coast exhibition tour before leav. 1J «TS for the first q xrier of the -es' hafor* (eder* tai** oomoared « th a profit of J. at th# east door of th# Courtbouee in th# City of Lincoln.

o*§ la th* «am* period att 'ear of ll St.' Sheriffs Bale.

Th* i.inrni* inirxti »»* ether crow egg* Hadficld, both of this city, «unive. M pl» it I a Ka» The M»*'» I captained by Dr Mc Daniel and Aiiatrnlian Pavia dup rhuxetts and Pennsylvania primer Henry Bailey will treat the win's* to indu ate that Al smith team to a barbecue and dane# and hi» follower* have not stopped th* close of the contest Governor Roosevelt but have def initelv winged him Over night the Roosevelt band wagon ba* been transformed into » \ehicle which may he the democratic water wagon or only one of tho*e humble fertiliser »prea»lers found in the open xpaces of the rural west F'ranklin Roosevelt has definitely lost the support of two important element.-» In the democratic party those who love a winnei and those who follow Tammany Roosevelt # strength north of Maryland and east of the Alleghenies.

Hi* » op, right ay Sort» Amene** Nrxi Ptfr* COUM Of pair» Of CIN)* f#€t and ,d OW uiunrr.

" «-tor.# rn pontiff south where Mc Adoo recruited his vote# He will have the votes of the mild wets and the compromising drys Mc Adoo had them.

The unusually heavy overeub-scription of United States government 3 percent tw’o-year notes and 2 percent one-year note# has been Death*.

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