But I’ve found a couple people that are interested in the same thing. Like I said, my work isn’t really that ‘popular.’ I talk about my work a little.I also find it easy to talk to people about their work.So I’ve used Twitter for that, as the most recent and most important thing so far.Jennifer: Yeah, I think that’s a fantastic way of using Twitter.

So the packaging of proteins and the interaction between the endoplasmic reticulum where proteins are folded an put into their working configuration.

Featuring cool academics and researchers is my favorite part of The Social Academic. So I’m actually at the University of Alabama – Birmingham. And our lab focuses mostly on protein degradation and membrane trafficking in the context of the secretory pathway.

We’re in Birmingham, AL instead of Tuscaloosa, but not too far away. So my project right now is more on the membrane trafficking side of things.

So I currently am helping out with a science outreach project where the Biology Department at our university goes to local public schools and teaches them a hands-on science lesson. When they have more nitpicky questions we’re able to field those better than maybe their teacher would be able to.

It’s also really fun to see kids who are genuinely excited about science.

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