Co worker dating boss

Make it clear that there won't be any repercussions if they turn you down.

Don't even joke about it, for example, by saying or implying that you won't take no for an answer.

If you can't navigate both your job and relationship, move onto another employer or ask for a transfer within the organization that would keep you from working together in that capacity.

When dating a co-worker in most work environment is prohibited, when you think about it, you’re spending 35-55 hours a week in close confined quarters, with only a handful of people.

Common sense tells you to avoid an office romance because it may reflect poorly on both of you and you know it will be awkward if things don't work out.

Sometimes, however, your good judgment goes awry when chemistry takes over.

Having to answer to a partner who is higher up in the organization's chain of command may also become a problem.

Although it may not seem very romantic, formulate a set of rules, and an exit plan if things don't work out.

After you begin dating, make sure your feelings remain mutual.

Your partner should not feel pressured to stay in the relationship.

Next, even if your employer doesn't have a formal policy, consider whether it frowns upon office romances.

Try to recall situations in the past that became a problem for someone in your workplace.

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