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Every relationship is unique and the life variables are going to differ. Ideally, this happens at the start of the relationship and periodically throughout.

As financial problems are the #1 reason for divorce, the importance of doing so should not be overlooked.

After a few years, our money habits can become more like money rules, and staying open minded to new ways of handling our finances can be tough.

Together, we agreed that a change would be a good move. She did not have the retirement savings to pay for school or to cover her half of our shared expenses over the year and a half she would be going back to school. Do I ask her to work long enough until she could cover these expenses? Years that she wouldn’t be moving forward with career and personal growth.

If we had a big joint expense coming up, we’d add equal amounts to our joint account, without exception.

A few years ago, we started discussing a career change for my wife.

Or maybe just cover her living expenses and ask her to take out high-interest student loan debt to pay for the tuition?

This would have saddled her with high-interest debt for years. It was an accelerated program, so this would have been extremely difficult from a time availability standpoint. I say this not as back-patting, “look how good of a guy I am”, but rather to highlight the gradual shift from being financial firewallers to shared poolers.

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