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You can use Quick Books to consolidate statements, but it involves careful bookkeeping.

Under some circumstances, you’ll need an upgrade or use of a third-party program to import the financial data into Quick Books.

Once in a consolidated file, use journal entries in Quick Books to cancel out intercompany transactions that throw off the accuracy of the consolidated statements.

These are transactions where related subsidiaries may sell inventory or services to each other.

Each subsidiary’s balance sheet records the transaction accurately, but when consolidated, the transaction is double counted, throwing the consolidated balance sheet out of balance.

Accountants use a journal entry to correct the imbalance.

Most of my clients have Quick Books Enterprise, and that feature is built-in!

With Quick Books Enterprise Solutions, this functionality is actually built into the accounting software.Quick Books lets you identify transactions by class, giving the user great flexibility in how to define class.If your company has several divisions but is still a single legal entity, designate a class to report profit and loss by division.Tom Chmielewski is a longtime journalist with experience in newspapers, magazines, books, e-books and the Internet.With his company TEC Publishing, he has published magazines and an award-winning multimedia e-book, "Celebration at the Sarayi." Chmielewski's design skills include expertise in Adobe Creative Suite's In Design and Photoshop.

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