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(Don't ask)Maybe I'm pissing you off and you don't want to answer me this, but I am asking. Before getting with a girl, sort out your own delusions and ridiculous mindsets and problems because otherwise you're just going to be miserable, end up in a miserable relationship and hurt people. I have a Magic deck (sweet ass artifact deck), roleplay on occasion, and still mix with the cool kids, who think I'm cooler I know I'm not a girl or a non-nerd but... Do you have any hobbies outside of Dn D, Magic and Comic Books? I have hobbies, that doesn't cause an issue with dating.And I do apologise for the bluntness, but this is beyond irritating. The problem is there seems to be this false dichotomy in your mind that you can not be nerdy and cool at the same time. I had people over on Saturday and was showing off the models I had painted.So what if you like this thing instead of that thing? You're viewing your hobbies as bad thing, unfit for proper company. Maybe you can't take the stress of being unpopular. You view yourself poorly, and getting a girlfriend isn't going to fix that. TL: DR You have self-esteem issues and a poor image of your hobbies. most of them are either so attractive that they have shit personalities, or so fat that the thought of touching them is disgusting (though its a serious taboo to EVER call out a woman for being too fat) and the fat women usually demand the same standards and value from men as the thin women so you can't win.Should you treat your hobby of Dn D any differently than someone should treat their hobby of watching football? Getting a girlfriend will not fix these things, as a relationship is not a magic bandaid. There are no more average girls in america I figured I could go to japan or korea or something, and find a below average looking girl, because I even find ugly Asian girls hot, and she would fall head over heels for me and we could both be sooo happy.One girl told me I should show them off to girls to show that I know how to paint. The girl who made the comment is not into nerdy stuff at all.She likes to go dancing and of my board games the only one she was really willing to play was Clue.Then she gave up dancing so she could spent time with you, because you weren't a dancer. This girl doesn't have enough guts and drive to keep doing the thing she loved because she thought some guy she liked didn't like dancing, or wouldn't approve. Your girlfriend finds out you gave up something you liked because you thought she wouldn't approve. You may get a boost in self esteem because you've managed to snag someone who (hopefully) you find attractive, and maybe they like you too. If you're willing to give up a huge part of your life just for a girl, then you have some serious problems.

If you can't be honest with your girlfriend then it's not a real relationship.But do you really want to be with a girl who would chastise you about doing the things you like to do? it would just really suck If I lost a girl because of something I could easily give up.You don't need to date a nerdy girl, you need to find someone who'll accept you for who you are. I'm going to tackle the relationship and girls section before I speak about your hobbies, self esteem and image.Getting a girlfriend will not make your life better. What you see from other people, in real life and on Reddit, are simple pictures out of lives.They are single snapshots, with little depth that don't show the complications of a relationship.

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You being a nerd doesn't stop you from getting girls.

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