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site configuration allows you to adjust the directory paths (i.e., the URLs) on a per-section basis.

From Hugo 0.55, you can use URLs relative to the current site context (the language), which makes it simpler to maintain.

Notice php by default assume the give string as such format:'-' is 'y-m-d''/' is 'm/d/y'Unless the given string has Y or M,that is year is written as full year '2019', or month is written as English shorthand 'Jan', the default assumption will be applied, where the date might be incorrect.

The following code show a quick test: (true as of php 7.2)$date = [ '2019-1-3', '19-1-3', '3-1-2019', '3-Jan-19', '3-1-19', //php assume as y-m-d not d-m-y '2019-3-1', '19-3-1', '1-3-2019', '1-3-19', '2019/3/1', '19/3/1', //fail, php think is month 19 '1/3/2019', //php think is m/d/y '1/3/19'];//Y-M-dforeach($date as $i = The construct have some problem with date validate.

Date Time will recognise any number up to 12 as a [month], and any number up to 31 as a [day]; it calculates the resulting date to be [day] days after the start of [month].

This means that when a datetime object is created with more days than are found in that month, the date will be beyond the end of the month.

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