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They want to be with someone, not to rely on someone. Men feel more at ease that their partner genuinely likes them for who they are, and not how much money they have.Men feel more special when they are with career driven women, because they knew they took the time to fit them in their hectic schedule. Salt Water " data-medium-file=" w=786&resize=786,524&quality=95&strip=all&crop=1" data-large-file=" It is like they always want the new shiny toy they just saw on commercial. Take a class, go to the gym, join a book club, rediscover your passion, hang out with your friends. Men are attracted to career driven women because they understand the hustle and respect it.Travel while you still can, make your dreams your new reality. There is more common ground with career driven women, because they can usually be more understanding about conflicting schedules.There is something to be said about an independent woman. Because men know you do not need them, but you want them.

They do not crave “boys night” at the end of the week, they crave “date night” with their Boss Girl.He is actually trying to get away from you and this is the nicest way he can do it, by calling it “boys night”.This is not your fault, men just have a childlike attention span. Do what you always wanted to do but secretly were too scared to.Career driven women get when you are busy (they are probably relieved), because they were just about to cancel on you to make a deadline.Men feel more special when they are with career driven women because they know they took the time to fit them in their hectic schedule.

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Back then, I knew little English so I had to settle for a low paying job behind a desk in a small accounting firm. Doing the same thing every single day and working with papers is not for me.

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