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I rarely, if ever, see them more than on this one annual occasion.And yet that one weekend I look forward to every year.

Well the key comment is his poor financial position caused by a bad marriage split so he has to move 300 kms away from all that is familiar. There are many reasons why mateship is almost a thing of the past."Women are quite comfortable with striking up a new friendship and saying 'Hi, do you want to go for a glass of wine after work or even see a film next Tuesday'.For men that's just not socially acceptable in the same way.” I have a core group of mates from my school days with whom I catch up once a year.The survey, undertaken in Britain, found that 51 per cent of participants, or 2.5 million men, have no close friends apart from their partner.And although earlier research suggests that men’s physical and mental health improves when married, being hitched or middle-aged decreased the likelihood of men having someone they can rely on in a serious situation, such as concerns about work, health or money.

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