Dating friend hearted kind looking people possible

We’d been friends for probably 4 years at this point.

When I had trouble with a guy I was interested in, I confided in him, he comforted me, and then tried to kiss me.

You may or may not have communicated how you feel, so either you expect they’ll return your feelings, or you’re waiting around to see if they’ll all of a sudden be into you.

You maybe feel like they wronged you or led you on.

Guys who think they deserve a relationship or sex because they’re ‘nice’ are entitled and dangerous.”“I’m a woman with a lot of stereotypically ‘male’ interests (video games, sci-fi, comic books, D&D, etc.) so I’ve always had a lot of dude friends.

Mostly geeks, and mostly totally lovely human beings!

You don’t “owe” anyone your body or heart; likewise, you should never enter a friendship feeling like the other person is obligated to return romantic feelings on the basis of how much work you put into it. The “friend zone” is sexist to men, too, because it suggests guys should always get a physical return on emotional investment (um, wrong), and it reinforces the stereotype that men can’t be friends with women without wanting to sleep with them (not fair either). I’m by no means suggesting these discussions are easy — they’re not — but having them frees you up from the very “friend zone” you want to avoid.

Being honest might hurt someone’s feelings or your own, but it also clears the air, puts everyone on the same page, and reduces the sense of wasted time. Life is not usually a movie dreamland where the other person you’re crazy about *just knows* how you feel; you generally have to speak up.

I was grateful I never did pursue a relationship with him, and later I found out he sexually assaulted a friend of mine.It backfired, and a year later he was still professing his love for me.He would say he ‘wasn’t like other guys,’ but he was also so angry he walked around at a local football game and talked about my sex life.Figuring out how to move from Friend to Love Interest is challenging enough, and the so-called “friend zone” sometimes serves to categorize for what’s in-between. Sure, you may not be as close as you were before, but you move on and it’s cool, eventually.The “friend zone” happens when two people are friends, and one person wants more while the other doesn’t. Or maybe you actually stay friends, and both find new love interests.

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