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There’s nothing really good about my game – I rarely cold approach, and have lost the killer instinct that I used to have, but the one thing that I still have going is that after physically meeting a girl, I lead well, escalate, am fearless, am outcome independent, and I plow ahead with the goal in mind, and due to past practice and ingrained habits, I just don’t fuck things up like a needy nervous beta AFC.

I am a closer still – that has not gone away despite me being rusty and unpolished.

My friends, however, will often report to the contrary, stating that in varying ways Colombian girls are very different to those back home.

I’m reluctant to make any sweeping generalisations about the fairer sex in Colombia and put most of it down to the fact that people are very similar in most cultures, but as a foreigner you only peak into certain aspects of the culture and, moreover, tend to attribute aspects of the culture you experience to the culture in general, when it can easily just be one person’s tick.

I sent 45 messages mainly to Latinas and got 0 responses .

I am short and do not lie about my height in profiles.

Plus, you have to start dating Colombian girls before you get anywhere, and you won’t know for a while if they’re actually interested”.

A respectable move, and one that comes as a surprise to many foreigners that come to the country looking for little more than one night with a girl.

Of course, as with any country that’s possible but it’s not as common as I found it was in the UK by any stretch.

I’ve been in a relationship with a Colombian girl for about 6 months now. I decided to travel to Bogota determined just to stay single as long as possible, since I planned on travelling a lot. ’ (obviously now the questions come from friends back home, or people online before they head for a Colombia vacation).

Time and time again I was told, ‘it won’t be long now’, or ‘everyone gets one in the end’, but I never saw it happening to me. Still I deal with the preoccupation of people with Colombian girlfriends. The truth is, in my experience, there’s not so much difference.

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