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The archipelago authorities were among the first to strongly criticize New Zealand for legalizing gay marriages in 2013.The main reason for opposing same sex marriages was the high level of religiousness.Perception of Foreign Women Alisa says: I was amazed when, having caught a taxi and started a conversation with a driver, he said that he had long dreamed of meeting a real Russian – he only saw Russians on TV, and even gave his son a Russian name, Nicolai, or Nicolas. Later, however, I was told that Russians are quite respected in Samoa, because they have a reputation of being “tough”.Locals are used to seeing Australians, New Zealanders and Americans in their homeland, as it is a popular destination in the Pacific. Transportation Alisa says: I would not recommend that women go to Samoa as solo travelers.Dating Locals Alisa says: It is rare for Samoan men to date foreigners, as the majority of foreign women come to Samoa to work at international organizations.

However, if you are used to particular brands that are more suitable for your body, it’s better to bring a lot with you.

Birth Control Alisa says: While you can easily buy condoms and pregnancy tests in pharmacies, it is better to consult a doctor if buying contraception pills.

The best clinics in Apia are: 1) Collins Medical Clinic (Maria’s Health Care Building, mobile: 685 7754127).

Their behaviour typically ranges from extravagantly feminine to conventionally masculine.

A prominent Western theory, among the many anthropological theories about Samoans, was that if a family had more boys than girls or not enough girls to help with women's duties about the house, male children would be chosen to be raised as fa'afafine; It is cognate with linguistically related words or social categories in other Polynesian languages, such as the Tongan fakaleiti (also fakafefine), the Cook Islands Māori akava'ine, the Hawaiian and Tahitian māhū (literally in the middle), the Māori whakawāhine, the Niuean fiafifine (also fakafifine), the Tokelauan fakafāfine, the Tuvaluan pinapinaaine, the Gilbertese binabinaaine, and the Wallisian fakafafine.

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