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Your goal is to be committed to each other in a monogamous relationship, but you still have to test drive things out a bit longer. It’s also a less pressure than throwing a label on things right away.You’re continuing to get to know one another, and you're putting the same amount of time and energy into doing so, without distractions from any other potential suitors.If someone wants to date other people, they’ll leave one of their weekend nights available.When someone is really into you they will be excited to show you off to their loved ones and integrate you into their social circle and life.If you’re under the weather and this person is by your side with soup, flowers, and would rather nurse you back to health than hang out with their friends, you know they’re a keeper.Whether it’s a drawer, toothbrush or spare outfits, when they carve out a place in their bedroom or bathroom and vice versa, you know it’s a positive sign they’ve made a permanent place for you in their life.Trust your intuition, but know that hearing is way more reassuring.

” stage of your courtship, here’s what to know about exclusive dating versus actual relationships.If your plans regularly involve spending time with their friends and family, this is a great sign.A key part of a relationship is being there for each other through both the good times and the bad.You’ve likely lost interest in your work crush, and if a dating app is still on your phone, you haven't touched it in weeks.And when you make it onto his Instagram story—or even more telling, his feed—it’s a sign things are becoming exclusive.

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