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"Ghosting is a form of self-care sometimes," she says, "and I think we all need to learn that not everyone is deserving of our time." Above, she gives us more dating advice. Online dating has exploded into mainstream culture over the past decade.In their research, Le Febvre and colleagues found that most people reported participating in both roles.These people had been ghosted by another person and ghosted someone themselves.The seemingly infinite number of potential partners, with the clever gamification of “the swipe," means that users go into the experience with an evaluative, assessment-oriented mindset.

How we meet, flirt, engage, have sex, date, and form lifelong partnerships has been digitally upended — a far cry from the "meeting through a mutual friend" of bygone days.

When asked why they had ghosted a match, respondents in the study gave one of the five following reasons—convenience, attractiveness, negative interactions, relationship state, and safety. Terminating a relationship is awkward and uncomfortable, even for those relationships that are days or weeks old.

Dating apps help a person avoid this discomfort by permitting a type of “relationship dissolution” with little to no consequences.

Above all, they want users to interact with one another as they would in a real life setting, face-to-face.

To accomplish this, they have various features including voice notes, video function, a semi-social feed, and perhaps the most promising of all, an anti-ghosting feature.

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Fortunately, that’s the direction we’re headed in the dating app market.

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