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And the judge will have to consider a range of sensible contextual factors under cl 17(4), including whether the communication was true, whether it was in the public interest, the conduct of the parties, and the vulnerability of the victim. Interpretation Consideration should be given to including a definition of “victim”, to constrain the operation of the complaints regime to those who are deliberately targeted by the harmful communication, rather than to anyone who may feel offended and seriously distressed by it. The Agency should have to consider the clause 17(4) contextual factors.

This means that the communication would have to be sent to them or be about them personally, for them to be a victim. Clauses 11(1) and 12(2)(a): It should be made clear that the Agency has the power to approve the rapid referral of a complaint to the court if the circumstances require it.

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That is particularly so if the amendments in the Bill to the Privacy Act, the Human Rights Act, the Crimes Act and the Harassment Act (which I also support) are passed. The under these laws are not always accessible, sufficient or available.

What is needed is a quick and cheap method of obtaining an injunction or take-down order when truly damaging material is posted online. In some cases (such as in criminal cases) there is no take-down power. The principles at the heart of the Bill are designed to reflect the current law.

The content of the principles These should make it clear that impersonation of someone (eg fake Facebook page) is covered.Laticia Rolle has been dating former NBA star, Shaquille O'Neal, since 2014.Though the rumor mill has churned out a possible engagement, that one is still up for debate.I support this Bill, and particularly the provisions creating a new complaints regime.In the first part of this submission, I explain why. In the third part, I make some concluding comments. Why I support the Bill There is plenty of evidence that digital harassment is a problem, and a unique one.

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