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Somehow, I was starting to hope that this topic was over.

Many nomads seemed concerned that I was doing well and if I camped close to a ger, the family often brought tea to my tent or something to eat. ’ I cannot remember how often I was asked this question in those two months I cycled through Mongolia.I was asked for sex by boys barely 12 years old up to men of about 60, out in the steppe as well as in villages.It doesn’t make it any better to be asked for sex in the street when you buy water from a shop.During the Nadaam festival (mid July), whole groups of families go on a one-week vacation together. There is an inherent danger in being away from civilization alone.Meaning, they travel in convoys of, no, not two or three cars – we are talking about seven to eight cars! If I get injured or just fall sick, there is nobody around to help me. Even though I prepare as well as I can (by taking a Personal Locator Beacon with me to be able sending an SOS signal, e.g.), there are things out of my control (see this post). However, it seemed that for Mongolians, the social dimension of being out there alone was considered to be a lot more severe than the physical challenges I might face.

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  1. They feel that if they were men, they would be considered heroes for their chosen occupation, but as women they are just doing something to upset their partner. For me personally, I was a divorced mom when I became an officer. It felt like men were looking for a challenge or they wanted to be able to put an "X" in the box on their bucket list that reads, "Dated a Cop." Some of our challenges are obvious—we can't date criminals or our bosses, and sometimes these seem to be the only people around.

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