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Taking the Stranges captive, the alien consumed scrap metal for nourishment for its soon to be offspring. was to send a teleportation disk to the crime scene, teleport in, rob at gunpoint, and teleport away with as much gold as possible. Despite being destroyed, Gauntlet escaped with the loot and vowed to return with friends in tow. This time Douglas Strange sent out a diesel-guzzling giant of a robot named M. The creature seems to have a vulnerability to acid. robot was one of Strange's earliest creations, a 10 ft. Its armor plating allowed it to withstand the firepower of a small army. Jim Corrigan (the Earthly host of The Spectre) investigated an emergency call from 13 Squadron's meeting chamber, as the entire membership had disappeared from a locked roomed 24 stories above the street.When that no longer was sufficient, Scarab demanded that Douglas bring it large quantities of gold. It then placed a twisted copy of her memories and personality into one of Strange's android prototypes and threatened to 'kill' the android Andromeda permanently if Douglas wouldn't cooperate. With the use of one of his last government sponsored creations (a robot remote-controlled by use of a virtual reality harness), Douglas Strange started a criminal career as the armed and armored Gauntlet, robbing a number of locations across both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Scarab may also possess the power of teleportation. Each unit has the ability to transform its hands into dangerous laser firing guns as well as numerous high-powered weapons hidden throughout the robot's torso and limbs. The Andromeda android possessed the power of elongation, limited shape-changing abilities, greater than average strength, and limited ability to control mechanical devices (she was able to override Cyborg's systems). The Spectre was summoned and started tracking The Ghost Pilot and the spectral Flash, a hunt that led him to Castle Krieg in the Rhine Valley of Germany.Met with scorn and derision by many of his peers, including Will Magnus (the creator of the Metal Men) Douglas pressed on with his work, without success. He is the creator of the Gauntlet units, the Andromeda android, the M. An extraterrestrial being of unknown origin, Scarab possesses heightened speed, reflexes and strength. The Ghost Pilot captured the spirit of the Flash (who had been visiting Earth-Two) to be his "wingman" in his plot of revenge against the surviving members of 13 Squadron.An extraterrestrial rocket ship crash-landed on their island home soon after, bringing with it a mechanical life-form Douglas dubbed Scarab. jewelry store that he first encountered Hawk I and Dove II. It can reproduce seemingly at will, often shooting its newborn offspring (its 'bytes') as projectiles at its enemies. The villain was actually the spirit of Luther Jarvis, the only casualty of 13 Squadron during World War I.It also had a split personality bordering between subservient 1950's housewife and a homicidal killer. At Castle Krieg, the aces of 13 Squadron were forced to watch the best of them, The Major, fight an aerial dogfight with the Ghost Pilot, who was being assisted by the spectral Flash. In the castle, Jarvis explained that his vengeance was prompted by his wingmates' cowardice ...a challenge from Baron Von Krieg, the archenemy of the Squadron, had been issued and Jarvis flew to meet him alone and was killed.Romane decided to devote his energies to stealing from the world he hated and, to that end, designed a costume lined with hidden pockets and filled with a plethora of miniaturized weapons, everything from flamethrowers to sonic disruptors to a compact hovercraft.

As a result, their skin became acutely sensitive to a whole range of stimuli (such as sounds, aromas, ultraviolet light) and the three were forced to stay within sensory deprivation tanks under near total sedation all of the time.The Scream was a trigger for people's fears, and allowed the astral creatures trying to absorb the energy ripples of emotion from the Koma Loka to get through into the real world.General Grushko killed both Alexei and Yuri and activated the Scream before the hero known as Scarab could stop him.Voted "Mister Anti-Social" by his graduating class, Roger Romane thought he'd found his niche in the Research and Development division of the Army Engineer Corps in the late 1930s.Instead, his"concept of multi-purpose tools for use by combat engineers" was met with derision and he was ejected from the military after insulting the General who dismissed his work.

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The other members did not want to take any chances on the last day of the war, and hadn't thought Jarvis would make the rendezvous alone.

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