Dating very tall men

Look at couples in the street – usually the man is taller than the woman.

Then look at some of the posts on our Advice site – it seems like all women are looking for a taller man.

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This makes sense too – if women only ever went for the tallest possible men, their dating pool would be tiny (Salska, et al., 2008).

It's a wee bit challenging to have a romantic moment when your face is forced to make out with his pecs.

Instead, it seems that women use a man’s height to work decide how attracted they are to them.

If you look at the couples around you, you find that most men are taller than their women.

This isn’t just a coincidence, nor it is it as simple as taller is better, although research does show some preference for taller men.

What’s interesting is how women use height, just as they might use hair colour, in gauging their attraction to a potential mate. It might seem like a no brainer that most women will end up with a partner taller than themselves, as men are on average the taller sex.

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