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She was only agreeing with Tohru so that she could kidnap her mom. Yes, I know that Ohana basically told him to go, but baby steps.

I'm an ENTP male 23 (currently having existential crisis, don't worry it's an ENTP thing) anyways... I work for a small company doing over the phone tech support.I did once talk for over an hour about all things nerdy with a guy trying to sell Comcast service door-to-door.He knocked and did the usual selling spiel, and then spotted my TARDIS cookie jar and the rest of his usual company line went out the door as we both went full-on nerd. As a ENTP it's rare for us to align with any beliefs system due to our constant questioning of everything.So a couple of weeks ago I talked to an INFJ on the phone and we chatted for almost two hours.This got me thinking about my ex girlfriend, who I'm almost positive is a INFJ.

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