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Can you guess what region of the country Nickajack was considered for statehood?Well, don’t think about it too hard because the name won’t give it away, at least not in English.About a century before Bram Stoker would make the name Transylvania synonymous with vampires and darkness, it was the name of an unofficial 14th colony.

could have had more than 50 states if every attempt at secession had ended up with a new state (and with those added states would come more state slogans to learn).The next two proposals for Jefferson state took place in Texas.Texas was allowed to split into up to four states as part of getting admitted to the U. So, in 1870, Jefferson state was proposed in southeast Texas (south of the San Antonio River).Hoping to resurrect the great state of Deseret, they would rewrite the laws that had been enacted during the session under the name of “Deseret.When the railroads came in and brought new, non-Mormon settlers, the thought of creating a Mormon-based state was abandoned.

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