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This district is designed to protect residential areas now developed with single-family detached dwellings and adjoining vacant areas likely to be developed for such purposes.

The regulations are designed to stabilize such areas and to promote a suitable environment for family life.

Residential apartments in floors above the grade level floor in multi-story buildings, providing a minimum of six hundred fifty (650) square feet of net dwelling unit living area and one (1) off-street parking space per apartment.

For good cause shown, the requirement of one (1) off-street parking may be waived by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen.

All the uses included within this paragraph are not applicable to "C-1" business districts in the Central Business District unless specifically approved by the Planning Commission.The Central Business District is an example of the type of commercial activity normally associated with the "C-1" District.The "C-1" District should provide for a variety of retail activities and could act as a banking and financial center, as an entertainment and hotel center or as a center for professional and business offices.Printing, publishing and related trades when not within one hundred (100) feet of any "R" district.Any other use which is determined by the Planning Commission to be of the same general character as the above permitted uses, but not including any use which is first permitted in the "I-1" District or which is prohibited in the "R-1" District.

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