Dirty sex chat with a bot

Realistically this won’t take place for sometime, due to the fragmentation of the marketplace.

Instead of digging around from system to system, good ‘ole Clippy would have their back, saving them the trouble of hunting down relevant information needed for the task at hand.To quote Gizmodo writer, Darren Orf: Beyond being dull conversationalists, nowadays chatbots are being rushed out the doors of many organizations, and subsequently failing to reach their full potential due to the “me-too” attitude many organizations employ.What marketers and organizations are promising, and the reality of the situation, are two very very different things.People tend to want to find answers without the need to talk to a real person, so organizations are enabling their customers to seek help how they please.Mastercard allows users to check in with their accounts by messaging its respective bot.

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So next time you’re considering implementing chatbot technology, be sure to have your expectations in check, understand and map your use cases, and don’t fall for the “me-too” marketing nonsense.

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