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Becky obviously is comfortable with you already or she wouldn’t have spoken to you Friday night, and really, all you have to do is strike up a conversation, about anything, the next time you see her alone. I’d picked up my tray and was walking to my table when I saw Becky. I thought to myself, I could sit down with her and probably make her happy, or I could sit down with the two C’s and Cliff might grunt at me and probably Chris wouldn’t even bother to do that.

But, if I can say so without embarrassing you any more than you already are, you’re a good-looking guy, you don’t have anything at all to worry about. Then he clapped me on the back and thanked me for coming in to talk with him, and I went back to what was left of my study hall. Becky would probably be happy if I’d sit down with her. But I made my feet walk in her direction, and then I was there.

Tell me about it.” “Mom, I was going to practice now. That’s not to say I can’t outfox her at times, but I have to try really hard and have my heart in it. They’re bigger than I am, and it’s better all around if I cave. And, I think this means you have some work to get started on.” As I said, I spent some time that weekend catching up on some homework. I’m doing this all wrong.” He actually was blushing a little. The people who you say are now accepting you, the ones you’ve made friends with, think about them for a minute. You need to find the right kids to make friends with.” She looked at me, but I didn’t reply. You’re going to start doing your schoolwork again, you’re going to participate in class, and you’re going to get as many A’s as you can, come January. Tollini had seen me in the hall and asked if I could come talk to him during my study hall, then had written me a note to hand to the teacher. You will start raising your hand in class when it’s appropriate because your dad is going to ask if you’ve been doing that and he’d better be hearing yes answers.

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