Error updating locale 7941

Notice we do not add the .loadof the filename at the end of the command.

Upgrading your Cisco IP phone firmware is a very simple process.

Press the Settings key, then 1 for User Preferences, then 2 for Background images, use the directional keypad to move to the image you want to use, then press the Select softkey, then press the Save softkey.

Your new background image will now display in all its glory.

Lines 184 – 209 repeat the same information to add another active line key, you can continue adding sections like this for all eight line keys.

If you copy the existing files from the zip file to the right locations, you should be able to activate a new background image for your phone.

Search for error updating locale 7941:

error updating locale 7941-19

I cannot begin to stress how picky these phones are with their configuration files.

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