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The sensitivity of the EPR method (i.e., the minimal number of detectable spins , the implication is that the ratio of the unpaired electron's spin magnetic moment to its angular momentum differs from the free-electron value.

Combined ESR and U-series dating of fossil herbivore teeth are the only means of dating layers from which such ancient remains have been recovered in western Europe.

Good examples are the sites of Atapuerca Gran Dolina, Spain and Visogliano, Italy which have been dated using tooth enamel.

The upper spectrum below is the simulated absorption for a system of free electrons in a varying magnetic field.

The lower spectrum is the first derivative of the absorption spectrum.

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For example, for the field of 3350 G shown above, spin resonance occurs near 9388.2 MHz for an electron compared to only about 14.3 MHz for .

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