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Alright, check this box for Use labels in the Top row and the Left column, that Browse button means that these data sets can be in different workbooks!

Create links to source data, we're going to talk about that one at the end.

Choose a blank section of the workbook before starting the command. I'll be podcasting all of my tips from this book, click the “i” on the top-right hand corner to get to the playlist!

Use the Ref Edit button to point to each of your data sets and then click Add. Alright, I have an awesome, awesome old ancient trick.

Alright so, the 1st one goes A: D, 2nd one A: F, 3rd one A: E.

Different names, some of the names are the same, like Michael Seeley is there in all of them, but other names come and go.

He had a lot of files in a folder and he wanted to get all the worksheets from all the workbooks into one single workbook.

SUM function, the first thing we're going to do is go back to Q1 and point to this range, those four columns, click Add, and then go to Q2, select these columns, click Add, and then Q4, select these columns.

So now I have two references to other workbooks, Top row, Left column, Create links to source data.

Excel help says that once you use Create links the source data, you'll never be able to edit those ranges, again click OK, and here's what we get.

To understand them, say that you have three data sets.

Each has names down the left side and months across the top.

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