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The fun, the excitement, the thrill…Similarly, going after your career goals can be the same. But balancing strong relationships and demanding careers can be a tricky tightrope walk, especially if either aspect is putting pressure on the other.

The question is, can you have a demanding career, and a deep and meaningful connection?

The online application comprises: To help ensure we have the right people in the classroom, EMBA applicants must fulfil a mandatory testing requirement.

Applicants can choose between participating in the INSEAD EMBA Assessment Day, taking the GMAC® Executive Assessment (EA) or the GMAT® Exam. Please note, requests for a testing waiver cannot be granted.

For EA, use the INSEAD EMBA Programme upon registration, or for GMAT the following code: INSEAD, DL3-S8-14 Business Programmes, Executive MBA Programmes at the time of testing.

Once your application has been submitted and confirmed complete, the Pre-selection Committee will review it and if successful, you will be invited to join the assessment at the campus of your choice.

The profile information is hard facts about you and your history, similar to what you will have in a detailed resume.

While not all fields are mandatory, the more information we have, the better understanding we will have of your history and potential.

Your matchmaker will hone in on those select few who most closely match you, and begin the exciting process of getting you on that first date.

Is there anything more intoxicating than starting a relationship with someone?

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