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This changes years later but it was not how Arizona imagined it.[Heavily AU/Calzona is endgame]Grey’s Anatomy S16 E2 “Bad Moon Rising” by jamiekelley Epsiode 2: meredith and teddy fight to save the life of a pregnant woman while alex searches for answers in her 5 year old child, who reveals some disturbing news1Grey’s Anatomy S16 E1 “Chasing Cars” by jamiekelley This is the season 16 premere of greys anatomy. Teddy, Owen, Alex and Meredith are the center focus whike trying ti save the lives of 5 yr old lexie and her mom3 Look What God Gave Her by asliceoftoast Harriet's feeling a little down after an incident at school, but April knows that a little music is all that's needed to loosen up and raise her child's spirits.11In Between The Lines » by Twisted. When employees of Sloan Grey Memorial discover her secret she must silence them before she herself ends up for sale.

AZ Callie and Arizona's marriage falls apart along with Arizona... With the help of George's ghost and a cancer patient from Peds will she get rid of her problem? 34Love It If We Made It » by Alora Garofallou Towen multi-chapter drama and FLUFF to get through hiatus.

Arizona Robbins unexpectedly walks into Amelia's life and is there to guide her through the pain. Amezona Story.12 Silver and Tin by winter machine Inspired by the question of when Addison first saw Derek's trailer. Addison-focused, past-Addek, other characters featured.5A Calzona Family Reuion » by amandaaltizer17 This is set six month after Arizona and Sofia leave Denver to go to new york to be with Callie cause Arizona Still love Callie so much i dont own the rights to grey they bring to shonda rimes hope that you guys will love the story i sorry it took me so long to put this on fanfiction this is the happy ending that we sadly dont get to see on the show cause calzona is the endgame3Be My One Mistake by Alora Garofallou AU: Teddy and Owens teenage daughter, Allison, becomes pregnant at 17. Rated M for language.2Outsider » by Jade127 Addison and Derek's daughter Deyah struggles to fit in with her blended family. How will she be able to find her place in both of her parents family now that they both have their family of their own?

How will they handle this news after their daughter has been close to perfect all these years! 6The love for tennis » by Arizonasboo Callie Torres has been practicing and training for the tennis team for her junior year of high school, she gets caught off guard when the captain of the tennis team is a hot blonde who's good at what she does3Half A Dozen Shepherds Plus One » by Meggie8ter This is the sequel to Life As He Knew It.

Arizona needs to get away from the stress that is her life lately, but can't.

Maybe with her new neighbor Callie she can find a little bit of the escape she's been needing, even if it's only two doors down.118Fallen » by iloveyoucalzona AU: Callie and Arizona were best friends in high school, but then something tore them apart.

The burns remained, but no matter how hard she tried, Eliza Minnick would always hold her heart.3Simple by Kris1101 "I want to be the person that gets happy to find the perfect dress. Because no one ever puts a gun to the head of a simple girl." How far will Christina go to be simple? Takes place a couple of months after the shooting.10Call it what you want » by The Ana Grace Inspired by the movie "To all the boys I've loved before".Takes place a month or so after 15x25 and follows the life of Teddy and Owen as they navigate parenthood AND their new relationship. 2One time thing by Definetelyprocrasinating Teddy and Owen both end up at the bar one night.What happens when they both seek comfort from each other?Fourteen months after the unthinkable happens to her, Callie is ready to try again.But Arizona isn't so sure.7 Never Say Die » by The Color Gray (Set 24 hours after 15x25) The doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital find themselves in the midst of chaos after a natural disaster strikes, and one of their own is hurt.

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